ABOUT Piper Jones


Piper Jones is an artist whose message encourages through her formidable and unmatched voice to inspire Christian believers. Piper first discovered her voice when she started singing in her church choir at the age of 4. Throughout her life, she has "discovered her voice" in more ways than one as she pursues the will God has for her life. Piper was a contestant on the 14th season of 'American Idol' and works as a teacher, session vocalist, and worship leader in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Piper is currently an independent artist with the goal of using her gift of song and voice to the remind listeners of the goodness, and faithfulness of Jesus. Through his faithfulness, Piper has learned to keep walking and keep moving forward.

"Even in my mess ups, in my failures, in my disappointments, in my struggles, through the storm—all of it, I can stand boldly because He promised that overwhelming victory is ours and that we are more than conquerors."